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It’s been a very busy couple of months at Brainstrom Design. We’ve been happily plugging away at a whole assortment of different projects and as soon as the time is right, we will be updating our website with some of our work. But things have also been happening around Brainstorm Design. In particular, our office at Mixtape Creative has been maturing and coming into it’s own. Recently we had two very talented artists Dune Haggar and Ian Mutch come in and create some masterpieces on the walls.

You can checkout all the action here recorded by the talented Darren McCagh of Farmhouse Films (resident at Mixtape) and Kelly Harwood.

Dune Haggar Piece:

Ian Mutch Piece:

We are ever thankful for the good folk that come and spread their good vibes around our workplace. There certainly is no lack of talent in the south west!

Come drop by Mixtape and check it out sometime!

Mixtape Margaret River

Brainstorm Design recently had the opportunity to join the creative cats at the new collaborative space in town – Mixtape Creative. Located at 4/47 on Station Road in Margaret River our new digs include the likes of Russel Ord Photography, Darren McCagh from Farmhouse Films, Mark Boskell from Elements Margaret River, Paris Hawken Photography, Donna McClelland from Designey and Matt Lewis who is in the midst of organising the fantastic Emergence Creative Festival.

The space is still growing and gaining character and we are happy to be part of it all.
It’s a great space to bounce ideas off each other and involve each other in projects.

Drop round sometime for a visit or check us out online at